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fgriff Helped me sell a home ​The five star marketing is really amazing. We had people coming from everywhere wanting to see our house! There was alot of excitement and I think this is what got us a great price for the house. For anything involving real estate I recommend having the five star team on your side. 2014 cdiano1974 Helped me sell a home I always felt that John put our best interests first. The whole Five Star team were working for us without a pushy sales mentality. Our house had many issues that concerned me but they put me at ease with how they handled everything! Both of us recommend the team without hesitation. 2014 trust1967 Helped me buy a home ​Wow where do I start. First there was a zillion people looking at this house and almost the same amount of offers, But the Five Star Real Estate Broker Team didn't even flinch. They got me the I really wanted and handled problems with the bank appraisal like real pros. I am happy with everything. I highly recommend to anyone without hesitation. 2014 gshirky Helped me sell a home My house was in my mothers trust and the Five Star team really know their stuff when it comes trusts and real estate! They stood firm and fought for me every step of the way. John has a way of being tough in a cool and relaxed sort of way. The Five Star team definitely lived up to their names! 2014 illy_lovee Helped me sell a home John and the team are very professional and patient. I would not budge on my number, but they took it like champs and got me what I was looking for. Their knowledge of the area really helped us get more money for the house, by finding out our house was attached to a great elementary school. I highly recommend them to friends ad family. 2014 Snowinthewinteriscool Helped me sell a home I highly recommend five star agents John & Olivia. They overcame many obstacles that the house threw at them. It had a foundation repair and several other issues that come along with a house built in 1909. They are very knowledgeable and professional, that helped every close smoothly and with no hiccups. Hats off to their efforts! 2014 michelangeloshields Helped me sell a home Talk about good karma. I couldn't sell my house from the previous listing agent and let it expire. As soon as John & The Five Star people met with me I knew good things were going to happen. Not only did the house sell, but it sold for 45,000 more than the price it was on the market for before. John knows his real estate and knew how to get my house everywhere online. The Five Star team were excellent during negotiations to get the great price they got for me and they were always keeping me posted on the progress with things. I really needed the help with the extra they got on the house for the move and the new place. I can't thank them enough. 2014 ​joncoco11 Helped me sell a home John with Five Star Real Estate Brokers got us a price that was over the really high price I had in my head. My wife even thought I was pushing them too hard on price. But not only did it sell relatively quickly but it was over the "crazy high" price I was looking for. I know they know how to market houses but I don't how they did it. Then of course the appraisal from the buyers bank was lower than his offer, but John challenged the appraisal and it was accepted as is! with the offer price! John and the team were very knowledgeable and explained things as they came up and were always very responsive to our concerns. Great Job John & Olivia! 2014

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